phone with hidden camera

Great and difficult modding process

In order to achieve non-destructive modification, we use all the available space of the mobile phone.

Why We Choose Phones

If you were to ask me what device is everyone's necessities these days, the answer would be: mobile phones.


Modification Principle

The purpose of modification is to change the position of the camera

Different mobile phones have different internal structures


Different phones with different cameras

Because the rear camera is larger, we will add a thicker phone case during the modification process to give it enough vertical space to modify and place.


Front camera

Because of its small size, the front camera has become the best choice for us to modify. Moreover, in the iPhone series, its front camera has excellent performance and can still shoot 4K high-definition images.


make the impossible possible

Many customers have a question: How can there be extra space for modifications when mobile phones are already so sophisticated?

The answer is yes. Through precise calculations of the internal structure of the mobile phone and CNC machining technology, we accurately grind out a portion of the extra space to ensure non-destructive modification of the mobile phone.