Xiaomi CC9 전면 카메라를 헤드폰 포트로 수정 - 3200만 픽셀 및 블랙 스크린 녹화
Xiaomi CC9 전면 카메라를 헤드폰 포트로 수정 - 3200만 픽셀 및 블랙 스크린 녹화
Xiaomi CC9 전면 카메라를 헤드폰 포트로 수정 - 3200만 픽셀 및 블랙 스크린 녹화
Xiaomi CC9 전면 카메라를 헤드폰 포트로 수정 - 3200만 픽셀 및 블랙 스크린 녹화
Xiaomi CC9 전면 카메라를 헤드폰 포트로 수정 - 3200만 픽셀 및 블랙 스크린 녹화

Xiaomi CC9 전면 카메라를 헤드폰 포트로 수정 - 3200만 픽셀 및 블랙 스크린 녹화

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Please fill in the delivery address and phone number carefully when paying, because we deliver to your door with tax and customs clearance included.

Xiaomi CC9 Parameter Details

Non-destructive modification After modification, all functions can be used normally.

32 million pixels

It still performs very well in low-light conditions

The Real Effect Is Clearer

The image will be compressed due to background compression of the website.

APP background settings

Different from the previous devices you have come into contact with, this time you do not need to worry about privacy and security issues. The APP runs independently and there is no background monitoring. Because the mobile phone can easily shoot without being connected to the Internet or WIFI, and the captured videos are saved in a secure album in the APP (can be encrypted).

Easy to operate and universally applicable

The background and screen-off recording software supports multiple languages

Powerful functions, think what you want

You can set multiple shooting modes (silent or vibrating prompts), clarity, shooting duration, and fill-light mode in low-light environments according to your needs to maximize your secret shooting capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we want to state that the internal structure of all mobile phones on the market is very sophisticated, and it is difficult to find enough space to modify the camera position.

Second, we must understand that not all mobile phones meet the conditions for modification. Therefore, based on many years of experience, we have concluded that what everyone needs is a perfectly modified mobile phone, with safe and high-definition shooting. The mobile phones displayed on our website are all perfectly modified stock mobile phones, all functions are normal, and the appearance will not attract other people's attention.

Yes that's right, you can choose either the bottom position or the top position, it depends on the situation you want to shoot and how the phone is placed on the table or in your hand.

The modified mobile phones we sell are all modified from original phones purchased in bulk from authorized dealers. You can use them with confidence. If you accidentally break them during use, we can do after-sales maintenance for you in time. At that time, you need to send the phone back to our studio, we will detect and repair it and send it back to you.

Each of our mobile phones will be replaced with a brand new original brand battery during the modification process. The battery life is 100%, please rest assured to use

Don't worry, we have an after-sales warranty policy, you can take a look at the content at the footer of the website in detail

Of course, no matter which country or region you are in, the system language of the mobile phone can be set to your local language, and all functions of the mobile phone can be used normally, including all software.

Best Price Guarantee

We are a local manufacturer in Hong Kong. All mobile phones are completed by ourselves from procurement to processing, and are sold directly to consumers

Every mobile phone is carefully processed

It is precisely because of the compact structure of the mobile phone that we have carefully and strictly controlled every link of the modification

Multiple inspections before shipment

After careful processing, we will also conduct multiple tests on each function of each mobile phone before shipment, especially the shooting effect of the modified camera

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