Payment and Security

What is the payment method?

American Express
Diners Club
Shop Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Meta Pay

Our website uses SSL technology,which encrypts the important personal information of customers to ensure data security.

What are the measures for personal data processing and website security?

In order to allow customers to shop and use related services with peace of mind,

The company has formulated a "Privacy Policy" to protect customers' private information.

In addition, the "SSL" mechanism is used as a security measure to encrypt the transmission of customer personal data in communications.

This encryption technology is used to encrypt customers' personal information and credit card numbers, etc., so that communication can be carried out under a safe and reliable mechanism.

The security mechanism of the so-called "proxy server" may not support SSL, depending on the environment used by the enterprise.

In this case, please contact your company's webmaster.

If you do not use SSL for communication and information is leaked, we will not be able to hold Tenthousand responsible. Please understand.

If you are unable to use SSL, please contact us directly.

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How much is shipping?

Free shipping on all orders.and will be shipped by air to your region(DHL.UPS.Fedex.TNT.EMS)

Can I change the delivery information after I order?

Delivery information can be changed up to one business day before we ship the product. Please contact us directly.

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery time depends on the destination.
Usually it takes 2-14 business days.
International shipping is available to most of the countries. If we can not ship to your location, we will contact you.
In addition, we will notify you of your order by sending you an "Order Confirmation" and a "Shipping Notification" after you place your order.

I have not received the product yet.

Delivery may be delayed depending on weather or road conditions.

Please refer to the tracking number in the Shipping Notification sent at the time of shipment.

Regarding customs duties and VAT.

The amount you pay at the time of purchase does include local customs duties and VAT.

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What is the return policy?

THENTHOUSAND Online Store is located in HongKong, so after customers order from HK through the website, the products will be shipped from HK.We are unable to accept returns or exchanges for personal reasons after delivery.

The products will be subject to strict quality inspection before shipment. If there is any natural damage to the product, or if the product is wrong, we will exchange the product.
Please contact us as soon as possible within 7 days of receiving the product or call us if it is judged to be necessary to exchange the product.

After confirming the contents of your order, we will prepare a product for exchange that you can use with confidence.
However, if the product is out of stock, we will issue a refund.

About after-sales service.

TENTHOUSAND Studio always insists on using original machines for mobile phone modifications. The products will be sent out after three times inspection before shipment and if there are no problems. At the same time, we provide each customer with a 12-month free warranty service, and the customer only needs to bear the transportation cost.